Heating Oil

Clark Oil provides heating oil delivery for all of Woodstock and surrounding areas.

Auto Delivery

Automatic Delivery, offered by Clark Oil, allows you worry-free delivery of heating oil. We are able to ensure that you will NEVER RUN OUT of heating oil.

Our delivery system is based on what our industry calls "degree days," which means that we deliver heating oil to you, the customer, based on the temperature outside. Therefore, the colder it is, the more deliveries you will receive.

Automatic Delivery is for any Clark Oil customer whose main source of heat is oil, and for anyone who never wants to worry about how much heating oil is in their tank.

Call-in Delivery

Some people feel they would like to order their heating oil as they require it.

If you need an oil delivery, simply call the Clark Oil office and speak with one of our friendly representatives.

If you have an open active account with us, you can place your order on-line. Our on-line orders are checked regularly everyday.

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